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Philly Tattoo Arts Convention

So, Casper and I headed out to Philly last Thursday for the 9th annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention. A ten hour road trip, most of which took place on a lonely stretch known as the Pennsylvania Turnpike. But once we arrived in Philly, we knew we were in for a great time.

The town is always hopping, with lots of cool places and some great people. Stopped in at Tattooed Moms, a cool little bar on South Street. Had and official “Philly Chessesteak” from Jeanos. Ran the Rocky steps…. okay, so we actually walked them, and our legs were still burning, he is definitely a bad ass for running those stairs! We also got pics taken with a couple of Stormtroopers and Boba Fet, there was huge Star Wars exhibit going on and these guys were just walking the streets talking with people and posing for pictures.

The convention was amazing! I got to work along side some of the greats in the industry, Bob Tyrell, Robert Pho, Marshall Bennett, Chris Vennekemp and many, many others! There were over 300 artists and lots of cool bands and such.

A hearty thank you to cool ass people in Philadelphia that made this weekend great!

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A little about Immortal Canvas

We strive to enhance your tattoo and piercing experience in every aspect… from the ambience of your environment to the personal attention you will receive while you’re with us. We like to think of our space as a studio for artists and like minded people to come together, share and express ideas and create a tattoo or body modification experience for you, that you will trully cherish.

In this are of our site, you can learn more about Immortal Canvas, the artist who work here, the processes and procedures for tattoo and piercing, as well as the aftercare and pretty much anything else we feel is worth passing along.

We hope you enjoy sharing with us, if you have ideas or suggestions as to how to further grow this area, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you,
Immortal Canvas

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