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A Unique Experience

Immortal Canvas is a custom tattoo and advanced piercing studio. From the moment you walk in you will know that you are in for a new and unique experience. From the beautiful fine art that adorns the walls, to the quality architecture and interior design; Immortal Canvas is an upscale studio where creativity flows and our guests feel welcomed.

We believe that tattoos and piercings are more than art and jewelry… it is bond between artist and breathing canvas, that we live for each day. It takes a great deal of trust to allow someone to tattoo you, you have to trust that the artist is talented and skilled enough to execute the artwork. You must trust that the artist is technically proficient, and will apply the tattoo well. Most importantly, you have to trust that your artist is well trained to ensure your health and safety during your tattoo.

We consider this trust sacred. Not only are we privileged that you would want to carry our art in your skin. It is our responsibility to always do our absolute best, in every way when it comes to your tattoo.Living tattooed, is about knowing who you are… and connecting with one’s self. Therein lies the unique experience you can only know… you can’t understand it by reading about it… or watching it on T.V.

Our award winning artists are some of the best in the area and offer any style of tattoo you are looking for, from traditional, Japanese, realism, neo-traditional, new school and more.

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