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How to care for your new tattoo

1:: Remove bandage after 4—6 hours. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE!
2:: Wash tattoo gently with anti-bacterial soap and warm water to remove all medication, excess color and dry blood.
3:: Dry tattoo by blotting with soft, clean, dry towel. DO NOT RUB.
4:: During the healing process which will take between 7-14 days, you will want to wash and dry your tattoo 2-3 times daily as described above.
5:: After washing and drying your tattoo, apply a small amount of moisturizer [original Curél is recommended]. Do not over apply, you simply want to keep the skin moist, you do not want to seal out the oxygen.
6:: A slight protective scab will form in about 2 days. DO NOT scratch or pick at tattoo. You can scratch around the tattoo or slap [lightly] it to relieve itching.
7:: DO NOT expose tattoo to direct sunlight.
9:: DO NOT soak in bath and NO swimming until skin is completely healed.
Proper care during healing will insure detail and color.
If you have any questions, please call us 513 863 I N K S
DO NOT rely on information from anyone but a professional tattoo artist.

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Jewelry: what a wonderful choice

Two days ago I had someone bring a piece of jewelry in. He handed it to me, I took a look at it and was blown away.
He hands me an externally threaded labret stud with threads on BOTH ends of the ball. Ok I thought, Maybe it could be used for connecting two pieces of externally threaded jewelry together, I dont know. Well, come to find out the thread on the OPPOSITE end of the ball was once used to hold a PLASTIC “gem”. Incidentally that gem had decentegrated. Basically it melted. Wow, now thats a nice piece of jewelry.

So, we all know that there is good and bad jewely out there. Cheap and more expensive. I guess what I am getting to is that you can’t buy a Honda and expect a Mercedes. What really gets me is that the above mentioned EXTERNALLY THREADED piece of jewelry cost that person $30.00… with a fake, plastic gem.

You can rest assure that if you had one from here that would NOT happen, and if it did for some crazy reason. I’d replace it free of charge. We guarantee our jewelry… Something not many can say.

If there is anything that you’ve taken in by reading this post: Always be sure you know what you are buying. Don’t get taken…

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