Why you do NOT want a $25 piercing

Okay, so I get this bulletin on MySpace about a local shop offering any piercing for $25. They’re doing it as a Christmas promotion… of course this same shop also offered $20 piercings all summer. Normally, I don’t concern myself with promotions other shops are running, because quite frankly… there’s enough business in this area for everyone to survive and do well. I’m not one to get all miffed because I think someone is going to take my business away, I mean, if we’re not taking care of our customers, then they should go someplace else. We don’t deserve their business.

But this one got me to thinking…

Let’s take into consideration what it is you’re doing when you decide to get a piercing, or tattoo for that matter. Seeing as neither should be something you decide upon by price alone.

When you decide to get a tattoo or piercing, you’re placing a great deal of trust in someone. First you’re trusting them to do it right, and not leave you with a bad tattoo or a crooked, too deep or too shallow piercing. You’re trusting them NOT to scar you. You’re trusting that they are properly trained, not only to do the procedure, but also that they are trained in blood borne pathogens and cross contamination so that they do NOT infect you with any diseases.

You’re also trusting that they are using quality materials and pigments, seeing as you are allowing them to insert and implant a foreign object into your skin. Most of all, you’re trusting them to respect YOUR skin, seeing as you are the one that has to live with the new piercing or tattoo.

So consider this, the average shop allows for a 50% commission on piercings. So that $25 you’re paying for a piercing, the piercer gets $12.50 and the shop gets $12.50. Now first, consider what quality of jewelry they’re using, considering there is about $10 in overhead costs for every piercing and that does NOT include the price of the jewelry. If they can afford to make a profit at $12.50 imagine what type of jewelry they’re using if $2.50 covers the cost of the jewelry plus allows for profit. I know that the jewelry we use wholesales for an average price of $9 per piece. I can’t imagine the quality of a piece that costs less than $2.50.

Then, consider that this person you’re placing all of this trust in, is only making $12.50 for doing this procedure….. how much care, consideration and training do you you think this person has undergone and put into this, if their work is only worth $12.50.

We all know that Big Lots has great prices… but the quality is… let’s just say lacking.

Would you want to trust your skin and your health to someone offering bargain basement prices? Personally, I think I’d prefer to research my options, talk to the piercers at a variety of shops and decide which ones are more knowledgeable, find out what kind of training they’ve undergone. Does the shop use internally threaded jewelry as opposed to externally threaded? Does the shop have mill certificates on hand to prove that the metals in the jewelry they’re using is implant grade surgical steel? Are they willing to show you the spore test results for their autoclave?

And most importantly, do they treat your with courtesy and respect…. considering you’re about to place such a great deal of trust in them?

Consider that.