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We offer full custom tattoos, what this means, is that you’re tattoo will be drawn up for you, and only you. It will be a one of a kind piece that no other client will ever leave our shop with. We spend time with you, discussing your ideas with you, learning about you, and we create a beautiful piece of artwork that you will know was created just for you.

Our award winning artists are some of the best in the area and offer any style of tattoo you are looking for, from traditional, Japanese, realism, neo-traditional, new school and more.

Tattoos aren’t new, they’ve have been around  over 5000 years* now. But if you are new to tattoo, that’s fine with us. We will be happy to talk with and educate you on the variety of styles, history, meanings behind some tattoo designs, etc.

Or our piercer Jesse would also be happy to discuss with you the importance of mustache wax and other facial hair grooming techniques. Speaking of which, if it’s body piercing that you are interested in, Immortal Canvas is proud to be the home of the only APP [Association of Professional Piercers] certified body piercer in southwest Ohio. The APP upholds the highest standards related to body piercing and Jesse is a fine example of these high standards.

*Otzi “The Iceman” Tattoos